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The Awesomeness of Chris Colfer


Oh another thing I forgot from last night. We were in line to see him and only a few people were ahead of us before it was our turn and there was an employee of the store talking to us. She told us that Chris is just as he appears to be and is the sweetest person ever. Also, he told her that his face hurt from smiling so much the past couple days. 

Full Audio of Chris Colfer’s Apple Talk event in SoHo (July 19, 2012)


Gah, I tried uploading this as an audio file/3 audio files but am having trouble doing so. Didn’t realize there was a daily audio limit. Just gave up and am posting it as downloadable files and on Sound Cloud.

Sound Cloud

Mediafire downloads: FULL AUDIO / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Please, please, please download the official podcast once it is out on iTunes! :)

The Land of Stories - Columbus book signing


So I just found out that in order to go to Chris’ book signing at The Book Loft in Columbus, I needed to call in to get an ID/line number. I’m assuming I’m a few weeks late for this. If anyone knows more about this or is going to the book signing could you please let me know?